6 Fast & Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash This Year!!!

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One of the greatest challenges that aspiring homeowners face is having enough money for a downpayment (or just having extra cash in general these days). Whether you want to save money for a home, make extra money online, or just simply improve your financial status, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our HomeApproach Team has the best guide for a variety of easy money-making ideas. We have picked the best combination of ways to earn extra money. 

We cover everything from playing fun games on your couch at home, to part-time work and seriously lucrative side gigs. There are a ton of ways to make extra money, and we have brought our readers this list of our most effective ways to make extra money…

  1. Seriously, Earn up to $4000 playing Bingo & Solitaire on your Phone!!!

This might sound a bit crazy, but millions of people are earning serious extra money in their spare time by downloading and playing free apps like Bingo Cash and Solitaire Cash that pay winners real cash! We found that by combining your time between a few of these types of apps, you can earn thousands of extra dollars! 

While no one is guaranteed to make money with these apps, you may as well stop wasting time by playing other meaningless apps and games in your spare time and instead, play to actually win with Bingo Cash and Solitaire Cash! 

Getting Started is quick and easy (Apps are Free to Download) First, download Bingo Cash here & Solitaire Cash here – then compete against other players at your skill level and win real cash every day! There are no ads to interrupt your gaming experience and cashing out is super easy (they can even pay you in PayPal). 

BONUS TIME!!! Take advantage of special 24 hour deals by signing up now like deposit $5 and get $5 for free in return. 

  1. Get rid of Your Credit Card Debt with Companies like this…

If you are serious about making extra money, you have to realize that increasing your bank account doesn’t only happen by creating new streams of revenue for yourself, but also includes eliminating any existing debt you already have. Consolidating your debt is one of the best steps you can take to get ahead on your financial goals in life! 

Credit card debt affects almost everyone! It endlessly weighs on your mind and causes stress every time you think about it. If you have a balance of even just a few thousand dollars in credit card debt, just making the minimum payments can take years, or even decades to actually pay off (unless you have help). 

National Debt Relief is a great company dedicated to helping you get out of credit card debt faster, and easier. With National Debt Relief on your side, you could pay off your existing credit card debt with potentially lower interest rates and just one reduced monthly payment (instead of paying off multiple cards separately). 

Getting Started is simple – just Sign up for a free debt assessment here. (Do not skip this step!) By signing up for a free assessment, National Debt Relief can immediately help you in paying off your debt, but only if you schedule the assessment.

  1. Get Paid Early & Buy Stock in Amazon, Google and other companies with just $1…

Managing your money can be tough in today’s economy. Luckily, there are new banking methods like Albert available, where you get all of these benefits for free… 

  • Get a FREE $150 right after you sign up! 
  • Get paid early with advances up to $250!
  • Set automatic savings goals for vacations, your future home and more…
  • Use Albert’s Genius Investment Tool to automatically invest in top stocks to earn you extra cash!

Albert’s money management strategy helps you get your money faster (when you really need it), create achievable savings goals and Albert’s Investment Genius’s have made their members almost $1 Billion so far from their free investment strategy. 

Getting Started is fast – just sign up for Albert here and then complete your registration in order to get your FREE $150 today! 

EXTRA TIP: If investing is something you really want to get into, then definitely also take advantage of this special free $40 from Acorns Investment Platform…

  1. Get Paid 5 times per day (or more) driving for Uber & Lyft 

One of the most popular ways to earn extra money over the past several years has been by people using their modes of transportation to drive or deliver for Uber, Uber Eats, Lyft and more… 

If you have a car, truck, bike, scooter (or even something else) and want to make some extra cash this month, then driving for Uber and Lyft is the right option for you! With Uber Eats, you can deliver food locally whenever and wherever it works for you and get paid for each delivery! Driving for Uber and Lyft allows just as much freedom to earn extra cash by driving people to their destinations. 

The best part of driving for these companies is that you get to be your own boss. Don’t worry about having a boss or an official schedule. Work when you want, get paid quickly (even through PayPal) and keep 100% of the tips you make too! 

No matter if you prefer to be social and drive other people around, or keep to yourself and still earn extra money by driving around and just simply delivering people’s food and other items, 

Getting Started is pretty straight forward by signing up for Uber here, Lyft here and Uber Eats here. We suggest you try at least two of these companies at the same time to maximize your earning potential

  1. Switch Your Auto Insurance 

Sadly, most Americans are wasting up to $500 every year on their auto insurance… While it is required to have car insurance at all times, most people don’t know just how easy it is to search for the most affordable rates online and make a switch to cheaper auto insurance fast and easy! Insurance shopping can seem daunting, but not with our friends at Quote Wizard…

QuoteWizard takes all of the hard work, research and confusing industry tricks out of the process for you. They match drivers with companies that have saved drivers up to $500 or more per year when they switch!

It is definitely worth taking just 2 minutes here to see how much you can save. This is probably one of the fastest and easiest ways for you to save $500 or more this year! 

Getting Started begins by just putting in your zip code here 

EXTRA TIP: If you also want to make extra cash from your car everyday, then check out this amazing offer from Stickr – they will pay you to place cool advertisements on your car! Have your car actually MAKE YOU MONEY with Stickr Today! 

  1. Earn Cash and Rewards with Everyday Purchases…

Imagine if you were able to make extra cash and get free rewards, prizes, gift cards and more, just by making the same purchases you already do everyday? People think they are getting these benefits already with a credit card, but those credit cards apply high interest rates on purchases, which can oftentimes negate any “rewards” they claim you will earn with them through credit card points…

We have compiled a short list of FREE services that can earn you serious cash and rewards without having to worry about paying interest or hidden fees… 

Rakuten Rewards is an amazing cashback service that can earn you significant cash back opportunities from just about every major brand that you can think of! Members have reported earning hundreds of dollars per month by just buying the same things they normally would online! Start earning cashback with Rakuten today on every purchase you make! 

Upside is a genius app that allows you to earn cash back every time you put gas in your car! It is free to use and includes almost every gas station company across the country! Sign up here and earn cash every time you get gas

Cashapp is a universal money app that allows members to earn rewards on purchase, while also letting you add a bank account, invest in stocks and easily send/receive  money with friends and family… Download Cashapp to do more with your money now!